NEAHL Associations

3C's Minor Hockey
Address: Box 428
Coronation, AB
T0C 1C0
President Name: Mark Zimmer
Phone: 403-575-5213
NEAHL Contact: Shawna James
Phone: 403-577-3623
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Bonnyville Minor Hockey
Address: Unit 1002
Bonnyville, AB
T9N 1C2
President Name: Darcy Skarsen
Phone: 780-812-8712
NEAHL Contact: Wanda Davis
Phone: 587-201-4886
Deputy Governor Volunteer: Candace Cumby (Atom)
Boyle Minor Hockey
Address: Box 625
Boyle, Alberta
T0A 0M0
President Name: Tanya Bossel
Phone: 780-212-2436
NEAHL Contact:  Tanya Bossel
Deputy Governor Volunteer: Jan Pysyk (Bantam)
Cold Lake Minor Hockey
Address: #207, 4910 50 Ave
Cold Lake, Alberta
T9M 0G1
President Name: Teresa Dole
Phone: 780-812-5276
NEAHL Contact: Connie Harrison
Phone: 780-815-1583
Deputy Governor Volunteer: Robyn Stenz (Midget)  
Edgerton Minor Hockey
Address: Box 193
Edgerton, Alberta
T0B 1K0
President Name: Chad Massie
Cell Phone: 780-806-9727
NEAHL Contact: Kathy Zajic
Cell Phone: 780-842-0307
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Elk Point Minor Hockey
Address: Box 332
Elk Point, Alberta
President Name: Angi Sanregret
Phone: 780-573-6044
NEAHL Contact: Candace Bendixen
Cell Phone: 780-646-0810
Deputy Governor Volunteer:  Margaret Bayduza (Peewee & Bantam)
Frog Lake Minor Hockey
Address: General Delivery
Frog Lake, Alberta
T0A 1M0
President Name: Joe Dion
Phone: 780-614-5887
NEAHL Contact: Cliffton Cross
Phone: 780-614-7400
Business: 780-943-3737
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Glendon Minor Hockey
Address: Box 415
Glendon, Alberta
T0A 1P0
President Name: Tammy Ganser
Phone: 1-780-826-0009
NEAHL Contact: Tammy Ganser
Deputy Governor Volunteer: Tammy Ganser (Atom)
Hughenden Minor Hockey
Address: Box 277
Hughenden, AB
T0B 2E0
President Name: Kelly Sayer NEAHL Contact: Jennifer Johnson
Phone: 780-856-0005
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Irma Minor Hockey
Address: 4919-50 Street
Irma, AB
T0B 2H0
President Name: Darcy Gulbraa
Phone: 780-336-5490
NEAHL Contact: Mitch Mackay
Phone: 780-888-7294
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Kikino Minor Hockey
Address: General Delivery
Kikino, AB
T0A 2B0
President Name: Cory Cardinal
Phone: 780-404-3427
NEAHL Contact: Loretta Whitford
Phone: 780-404-4858
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Kitscoty Minor Hockey
Address: Box 363
Kitscoty, Alberta
President Name: Frank Tremmel
Phone: 780-808-0874
NEAHL Contact: Frank Tremmel
Deputy Governor Volunteer: Shelley Darren (Midget)  
Lac La Biche Minor Hockey
Address: Box 1625
Lac La Biche, Alberta
T0A 2C0
President Name: Kelly Ullrich
Home Phone: 780-404-5118
NEAHL Contact: Bonnie McDonald
Home Phone: 780-404-5454
Deputy Governor Volunteer: Julia Collins (Peewee)
Lloydminster Minor Hockey
Address: #4-5202-12 Street
Lloydminster, Alberta
T9V 0W1
President Name: Darrell Wagner
Phone: 780-871-3075
NEAHL Contact: Darrell Wagner
Phone: 780-871-3075
Deputy Governor Volunteer: Stacey Gamble (Atom)
Mallaig Minor Hockey
Address: Box 147
Mallaig , AB
T0A 2K0
President Name: Laurier Feland
Phone: 780-646-0399
NEAHL Contact: JJ Feland
Phone: 780-207-5164
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Mannville Minor Hockey
Address: Box 630
Mannville , Alberta
T0B 2W0
President Name: Ken Wyard-Scott
Phone: 780-787-7468
NEAHL Contact: Lori Harder
Phone: 780-581-4387
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Marwayne Minor Hockey
Address: Box 547
Marwayne, Alberta
T0B 2X0
President Name: Glenn Clayton
Phone: 306-821-7424
NEAHL Contact: Tracy Pavka
Phone: 780-872-9226
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Meadow Lake Minor Hockey
Address: Box 1333
Meadow Lake, SK
S9X 1Y9
President Name: Richard Temple
Phone: 306-236-7366
NEAHL Contact: Jolene Senger
Phone: 306-236-8596
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Onion Lake Minor Hockey
Address: Box 700
Onion Lake, SK
S0M 2E0
President Name: Sebastian Lane
Phone: 780-808-6497
NEAHL Contact: Reinetta Morningchild
Phone: 306-344-4860
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Paradise Valley Minor Hockey
Address: Box 65
Paradise Valley, Alberta
T0B 3R0
President Name: Tylor Hunt
Home Phone: 780-853-0481
NEAHL Contact: Tylor Hunt
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Plamondon Minor Hockey Association
Address: Box 305
Plamondon, Alberta
T0A 2T0
President Name: Boyd Campbell
Phone: 780-404-4659
NEAHL Contact: Boyd Campbell
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
Provost Minor Hockey
Address: Box 1181
Provost, AB
T0B 3S0
President Name: Brad Hawken
Home Phone: 780-753-0665
NEAHL Contact: Gaylene Paulgaard
Phone: 780-753-7897
Deputy Governor Volunteer: Angela Levert (Atom)  
Saddle Lake Minor Hockey
Address: Box 100
Saddle Lake, AB
T0A 3T0
President Name: Charles Cardinal
Phone: 780-227-1520
 NEAHL Contact: Miranda Delver
Cell: 780-290-1102
Deputy Governor Volunteer Not Filled
St. Paul Minor Hockey
Address: Box 2003
St. Paul, Alberta
T0A 3A0
President Name: Bryce Balmer
Phone: 780-645-1238
NEAHL Contact: Tanya Fontaine
Phone: 780-614-8757
Deputy Governor Volunteer:  Cody Machney (Atom)
Vermilion Minor Hockey
Address: Box 3365
Vermilion, Alberta
T9X 2B3
President Name:
Home Phone: 3063070409
NEAHL Contact: Lisa Rochford
Deputy Governor Volunteer: Lindsey Bates (Midget)
Wainwright Minor Hockey
Address: 800-4 Avenue
Wainwright, Alberta
T9W 1C3
President Name:  Cory Robinson
Phone: 780-842-7951
NEAHL Contact: Carly Setzer
Deputy Governor Volunteer: Tim Parchewsky (Peewee)


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